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You didn’t hear this from me, but HOW TO RIP MP3s FROM A WEBSITE

Ok, I probably shouldn’t be posting this, because I’d be pissed if someone ripped my content. But, this trick has served me some extraneous effort in ripping MP3’s or even other formats from certain websites (*cough* Grooveshark *cough cough* Pandora *cough*).

This approach works for everything from websites loaded in the browser using HTML5 or Flash, to custom applications (Adobe AIR, desktop applications, etc.).

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PC Woes and Virus Foes

So recently I’ve been somewhat of a PC fixer-upper again (among other things)… But these days I’ve been wise to enforce some form of payment (usually in the form of firewater or cold hard cash); which, any family/friend-helper can attest to, becomes a nightmare. Part of why I decided to pick it back up is to experience what today’s battles are – and unfortunately they’re mostly of the same variant that was rampant even 10 years ago.
I’ve been asked by family and friends alike to give what insight I could into what it takes to keep your PC clean, and how to recover if you fail.

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How to flash an update[.zip] to your G1/Dream Android Phone

Flashing a new ROM to your G1/Dream Android phone is actually really simple. And with the creation of modified Recovery images, we gain more and more options with backups, flashing any zip file, and more.

As you do this process over and over, you’ll become more comfortable flashing updates and find ways to recover from a bad flash.

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Rooting your G1/Dream Android Phone

Truth be told, this is just an introduction to what I’m going to discuss. I just figured I’d get your attention.

Now that I have it, I’ll briefly cover the different topics that the following posts will include, but not limited to: