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Amazon FireTV Stick Review

So I know some of you have heard of my pending posts (yeah… I’m still working on them… sorta)…

But I just simply had to post this!

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AIR Mobile TextInput/TextArea Key Events

Another quick one comin at ya!

When working on porting over my very first foray into Flex, my Flex particle engine, to the more current Flex4.6 for mobile purposes, I realized I wasn’t getting key events or change events from a debug Spark TextInput!

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The Playbook, by RIM

So, I partook in the free Playbook offer sponsored by RIM, and developed a few applications for it.

This post is NOT about my apps, but rather touches on the process, as well as what I think about the Playbook as a device, and platform.
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A Plea to Developers and Markets

-or- How not to cruddy up our Markets…

Yeah… This is a rant guys… If you don’t agree, tell me – but take rude comments elsewhere. Comments will be open for as long as I can tolerate it (assuming anyone comments at all).

Get ready for a long read – and a lot of personal frustration; this won’t be pretty…
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AS3/Flash Geolocation API

I was playing with the Geolocation API, and have been having the hardest time getting it working. It would activate the GPS on my device (a Droid2), but would never trigger any updates and hit my breakpoint.

I knew this had to be something I was doing, because I’ve seen it working, have examples of working source, and can’t get it to work on my device…

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How to flash an update[.zip] to your G1/Dream Android Phone

Flashing a new ROM to your G1/Dream Android phone is actually really simple. And with the creation of modified Recovery images, we gain more and more options with backups, flashing any zip file, and more.

As you do this process over and over, you’ll become more comfortable flashing updates and find ways to recover from a bad flash.

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Downgrade your G1/Dream Android Phone

At the time of this writing, you’re practically guaranteed to have a version of the Android build that removes the rooting system flaw. Because of this, we are in need of downgrading to a version that is suitable for allowing us to root our phones.

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Rooting your G1/Dream Android Phone

Truth be told, this is just an introduction to what I’m going to discuss. I just figured I’d get your attention.

Now that I have it, I’ll briefly cover the different topics that the following posts will include, but not limited to: