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Amazon FireTV Stick Review

So I know some of you have heard of my pending posts (yeah… I’m still working on them… sorta)…

But I just simply had to post this!

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The Playbook, by RIM

So, I partook in the free Playbook offer sponsored by RIM, and developed a few applications for it.

This post is NOT about my apps, but rather touches on the process, as well as what I think about the Playbook as a device, and platform.
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A Plea to Developers and Markets

-or- How not to cruddy up our Markets…

Yeah… This is a rant guys… If you don’t agree, tell me – but take rude comments elsewhere. Comments will be open for as long as I can tolerate it (assuming anyone comments at all).

Get ready for a long read – and a lot of personal frustration; this won’t be pretty…
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Entering the Tablet Ring: PlayBook, from RIM

As a current Flash/Flex developer, I’m constantly looking for new toys that will allow me to publish products to their platforms – and we just got a new contender.

The PlayBook – a tablet forthcoming by way of RIM, a business-centric renowned mobile device company, and is looking at developers to help catapult their product into the limelight.

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Format yo-self, fool!

I wanted to take just a short time out to discuss (read: rant) something that is near and dear to my heart.

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Start your engines

This blog will host a bunch of tidbits I come across among many facets of life.

  • Technology
  • Development
  • Carpentry
  • And More!

Stay tuned to more crap as I spew it from wherever I get it!

Oh, and if you’re looking for my ZendCon blog, you can find it here:

I’ve also added Syntax highlighting to the page!!!