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Session 6 – Flash Player Internals

Flash Player is the environment where all of our Flex and Flash products run in, and it also heavily influences the way Adobe AIR functions as well.

Hopefully in this session we’ll see some fundamental functionality of how Flash Player works, and maybe some tricks to alleviate some of the headaches we see as Flash/Flex developers.

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Session 5 – Things Every Flash Developer Should Know

Grant Skinner braves the daunting task of telling all of us what we should know (and I assume that we DON’T know). Either way, it had a kickass intro… Wonder what the track was.

A set of his slides can be found on his website:

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Session 4 – What is new in Flex 4?

Sorry for a jump in session numbers, but I was called to look at a bug and ended up missing my third session!!!

As for THIS session, we get a nice organized view of the new features of the Flex 4 SDK. While it is all very exciting, they seemed to have taken an approach to not overwhelm developers moving into this new construct.

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Session 2 – Deployment and Distribution Options for Adobe Air Applications

Adobe AIR is Adobe’s response to multi-platform applications that can interchangeably be ran as a Flash component. With this flexibility, Flex developers can quickly and easily produce applications that can traverse many platforms.

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Session 1 – Multi-touch and the Flash Platform

MultiTouch! It’s here, it’s big, and it’s bold!

This session had so much information flying at me, I didn’t really have time to break this out from a stream of conscious.

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Going to Adobe MAX 2009

This year I’ll be attending Adobe MAX, which is my first time to attend an Adobe sponsored function. While I have a few local friends and peers also attending, I’m interested in meeting new people out there and seeing what they’re doing.

I’m also going to be staying with a friend out in O.C. for a short duration prior to the event, which should be a great get-away before the hustle and bustle of what I’m sure MAX will plentifully provide.

Anyway, I’ll be blogging with the tags Adobe MAX and MAX09 for all things related, and am contemplating recording the sessions I’m in.

To get an idea of my blog style, and the types of notes I will be taking, take a look at my blog dedicated to my attendance at ZendCon in 2008 –